We arrange and coordinate artificial inseminations, with both Chilled and Frozen semen, and all prior scans to ensure your mare has the best opportunity to go in foal. We can also arrange 14 and 35 day pregnancy tests.


We have experienced Equine Veterinarians available to flush mares on farm to ease the stress of travel and increase the likelihood of a successful embryo transfer. We work up 2 recipient mares and implant the embryo into the one whose cycle is closest to that of the donor mare.


We can provide agistment – stable or yard – for your mare for the entire mating cycle. Most clients from further away find this the best option. Natalie Gerhard’s reputation as a stud manager is second to none. We offer limited places for foaling down, handling and weaning.


Natalie is exceptional at birthing time: experienced, well-resourced and conscientious. Our vet is 10 minutes away on 24 hour call if needed. Nat and her team ensure the foal is up and drinking, and performs all necessary tests to ensure your foal has a healthy start.


Many clients leave their mares and foals with us to be re-served. All foals receive handling, supplementary feeding and have their first feet trims when they stay for this length of time.

Longer-term mare and foal agistment is also available.

We can also prepare your foal for such events as the National Foal Tours run by the various breed societies.