Fantastic Results at AWHA National Tour

The final NSW leg of the Australian Warmblood Horse Association (AWHA) National Tour was held at The Oaks.

8 Oaks foals were awarded the coveted Platinum sashes for assessment scores of 85% or higher:

Oaks Celebrity 97.10%                     
Cristello x Oaks Cinderella (Centus x Ahorn)

Oaks Cypher 95.00%                     
Chacoon Blue x Oaks Encryption (Emerald x Heartbreaker)

Oaks Quota 93.50%                     
Oaks Quizzical x Renata Ego Z (Rex Z x Cathargo)

Oaks Catch Me 91.40 %                    
Chacoon Blue x Oaks Enigma (Emerald x Clearway)

Oaks Quigley 91.40%                     
Oaks Quizzical x Oaks Enigma (Emerald x Clearway)

Oaks Quickdraw 88.50%                     
Oaks Quizzical x Oaks Enigma (Emerald x Clearway)

Oaks Canasta 86.40%                     
Casting x Oaks Victory Waltz (Vivant x Daley K)

Oaks Cluedo 85.00%                     
Chacoon Blue x Mirage MVNZ (Indoctro x Contender)

Above: Oaks Catch Me

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